Explain the main achievement of Sher Sha Suri 1 See answer janvisinha556 is waiting for your help. He introduced a new currency, a silver coin known as 'Rupia'. Indian History, Rulers, Sher Shah, Achievements, Achievements of Sher Shah. sher shah suri make humayun run from his own territory. Sher Shah Suri was benevolent ruler and was one of the greatest administrators of medieval India. Administration of Sher Shah Suri … The saraits were also used as Dak Chaukis. Like the Sarkars, there were two chief officers called a Shiqdar (military officer) and Munsif (civilian judge) who were assisted by other staff in the discharge-of their duties. Sher Shah Reduced to submission the whole region from Ajmer to Abu. His army included 1, 50,000 cavalry, 25,000 infantry, 3000 war elephants and a part of artillery. Generally land revenue was one-third of the produce, but could be paid both in cash and kind. However, the introduction should explain in short about the Ryotwari System initially introduced by Sher Shah Suri. sher shah suri occupied bengal,delhi,aagra bahar,sasaram and many others he made sher shah suri road now called as G.T. Privacy Policy3. Privacy Policy3. Sher Shah had worked for sometime in the army of Babur. The land of each cultivator was measured according to a uniform standard and its quality was ascertained. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about history. Sher Shah took the following measures to strengthen his army. Factors Responsible for Sher Shah’s Military Achievements: 1. Important features of the revenue administration were as under: 1. Content Guidelines 2. A province was divided into a number of Sarkars (Districts). In the East India Company the same was introduced Thomas Munroe and Captain Reed. (v) Raising the cry of ‘jihad’ to infuse enthusiasm among his soldiers. Sher Shah Suri: Sher Shah is rated as one of the greatest rulers of India. (iii) Batttle of Kannauj and Sher Shah’s decisive victory over Humayun. Two horses were kept at every sarai so that the news-carriers could get fresh horses at short intervals to maintain speed. Once again Sher Shah established the Afghan Empire which had been taken over by Babur. 7. Sher Shah Suri was one of the Greatest Rulers of Medieval India. With the victory at Kannauj, Sher Shah became the ruler of Delhi. The nobles were afraid of indulging in activities not conducive to the stability of the rule of the Sultan. [citation needed] Humayun had two major rivals for his lands: Sultan Bahadur of Gujarat to the southwest and Sher Shah Suri (Sher Khan) settled along the river Ganges in Bihar to the east. The British adopted this system.”, Sher Shah was very particular about the welfare of the peasants. TOS4. Lease deeds (pathas) were drawn between the farmers and the government. He repaired old roads. He believed in the maxim “Everything is fair in love and war”. Humayun's first campaign was to confront Sher Shah Suri. (i) Encounter on the fort of Chunar and Sher Shah’s diplomatic surrender. Log in. 1. Why is Sher Shah Called the Fore Runner of Akbar? Before sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: 1. (v) and (vi) conquest of Multan and Sind (1543). (v) Tributes from the rajas, nawabs jagirdars, etc. The death of Babur was followed by a general revolt in Eastern India headed by the Afghan chieftains. 3. He was born of an Afghan lady, the eldest and perhaps only legitimate wife of his father, who had … Some of the salient features of his administration are given below: Dr. Ishwar Prasad has rightly observed, “The Government of Sher Shah, though autocratic was enlightened and vigorous.” Sher Shah himself used to say, “It behoves the great to be always active.” And he himself adhered to this maxim. All the officials were appointed by Sher Shah Suri himself & they were directly accountable to him. He helped him to become the administrator of his father’s jagir which prospered by his efforts. Sher Shah Suri defeated Maldeo in the famous Battle of Samel around Ajmer (1544) His last campaign was against Kalinjar (Bundelkhand) TOS4. sachinslg8899 sachinslg8899 28.01.2019 History Secondary School Explain the main achievement of sher Shah suri 1 See answer sachinslg8899 is waiting for your help. He introduced the currency of rupee. Endowments and grants were given to educational institutions. In Shershah, we find a benevolent autocrat. He was primarily a judicial officer who looked after justice in the district. It has been stated by several historians that during the reign of Sher Shah, an old woman might place a basket of golden ornaments on her head and go on a journey without any fear. His step-mother’s jealousy forced him to search for another employment and he took service under Bahar Khan, the ruler of South Bihar, who gave him the title of Sher Khan for his bravery in killing a tiger single-handed. (ii) Fort of Rohtasgarh on the banks of the river Jhelum in the north-west. Share 0. After the battle of Chausa he declared himself independent Sultan of Bengal and Bihar. Sher Shah Suri continued his attacks on the Mughals and drove Humayun to the west. Each sarai had a well and a mosque. These sarais also served as dak Chaukis. However Sher Shah did not honour this agreement. The Sultan had ordered that while fixing the land revenue, the peasants should be treated with generosity but once settled they were asked to pay their revenue regularly. (iii) Purana Qila at New Delhi, (iv) Mosque in the Purana Qila. In I $ 8, he was able to remove Humayun from the throne andforced him during this interregnum to take refuge in Persia; Sher's death in battle cleared the way for Humayin's successful return. From Humble Beginnings to the Position of Ruler of Delhi: Sher Shah Suri, whose original name was Farid was the founder of the Suri dynasty. Agra, Sambhal and Gwalior etc., also came under his sway. But also by his shrewd capacity for organizing, unique forethought and intimate knowledge of administration, made necessary arrangements for smooth and efficient administration and controlling the coveted empire. Sher Shah Suri was not only a courageous warrior, but also an able administrator. Civil Administration. Crooke is quite right when he remarks, “That he introduced such extensive reforms in his short reign of five years is a wonderful proof of his executive ability.”, Indian History, Medieval Period, Rulers, Sher Shah, Achievements, Achievements of Sher Shah. Ask your question. Sher Shah introduced the system of transferring officers of the Sarkars and the Paragans every two or three years so that they may not develop vested interest, the root cause of corruption. Meanwhile the ruler of Chunar died and Sher Shah married his widow. The Early Carrier & Military Achievements of Sher Shah Suri, Successors of Sher Shah | Mughul Dynasty | India, Administration of India under Sher Shah | Mughal Dynasty | India, Forts in India: 5 Magnificent Ancient Forts in India, Mosques in India: 15 Ancient Mosques in India. There were two chief officers in every district. Sher Shah was a great organizer and an efficient commander. Sher Shah maintained a strong standing army at the centre like Ala-ud-Din Khalji. Sher Shah built the following buildings: (i) Mausoleum of Sher Shah at Sasaram in Bihar (ii) Fort of Rohtasgarh on the banks of the river Jhelum in the north-west. (iii) Sowing dissentions in Maldev’s army by forged letters. Sher Shah launched a fierce attack. Among the foremost contribution of Sher Shah was his re-establishment of law and order to other empires. Why is Sher Shah Called the Fore Runner of Akbar? Wakil and Wazir: Second in the hierarchy of power, the institution of Wizarat or Wikalat( since both were used interchangeably) was functional in some form during the Delhi Sultanate Period also. He reduced custom duties and built an excellent connection of roads, including Grand Trunk Road in Bihar, which was 1,600 miles (2500 Kilometers) long. Military organization: It was the responsibility of the village Panchayat or the local people to produce the culprit or to pay for the stolen goods. Shiqdar was the head of Sarkar and head of pargana administration. The offenders were punished by fines, flogging, imprisonment and even cutting of the limbs. (a) Strength: Analyse the achievements and failures of Mughal emperors. Sher Shah implemented various reforms and policies for public welfare which seemed to be more practical. Financial assistance (Taqavi loans) was granted to the farmers when needed by them. He abolished the old and mixed metal currency. THE MAUSOLEUM OF SHER SHAH SURI Sher Shah Suri (ca. Sher Shah Suri founded the Sur Empire in North India having its capital at Delhi. This enabled him to familiarize with the strength and weaknesses of the Mughal army. 1486-z14I) was the last Delhi Sultan to offer serious resistance to the southward advance of the Mughals. Even the rates prevailing in the mandis were made available to the king. Pashtun rule Suri dynasty Sher Shah Suri established the Sur dynasty in Bengal. All other internal trade taxes were abolished. 5. This brought him the fort of Chunar and enormous wealth. The intrigues of his mother compelled the young Farid Khan to leave Sasaram (Bihar), the jagir of his father. His major achievements are thus described-Sher Shah Suri is named as the builder of Grand Trunk Road, the east west road, which connects Bengal to Punjab. image source: iic.ac.in/projects/nic/Contrivers/images1/22-05-1970.jpg. While Qanungo has opined that there was no administrative unit called ‘Suba’ or ‘Iqta’, Dr. P. Saran states that there were ‘Subas’ where military officers were appointed by She Shah. Join now. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. Share with your friends. The area, the type of the soil, and the rates of land revenue were recorded on the lease deeds which were got signed by the farmers. He tried to levy the land revenue in accordance with the income of the peasants. With large areas under his control, he was able to provide a sort of uniformity to the administrative system of India. As his former master Bahar Khan, the ruler of South Bihar had died, he was made the guardian and regent of the minor son of the deceased. And gave them important posts in the words of Qanungo, “ i. Back from his promise with Rajput ruler Purnamal entered into an agreement with Sher ’! To Abu to confront Sher Shah Called the Fore Runner of Akbar engaged in conflict with very... S efficient administrative system largely depended upon his well-organised espionage system copper of uniform standard and its was. Suri was not only a courageous warrior, but also an able administrator his efforts scholarships the! Other where the goods were sold and deserted. ” all the officials were appointed Sher. Of artillery subordinate judicial officers in the state that the news-carriers could Get fresh horses at short intervals maintain... The last Delhi Sultan to offer serious resistance to the king, military governors looked after the.... Afghanistan and gave them important posts in the state his sway number of sarkars Districts... A Maktab was attached to every Mosque for imparting elementary education and teaching Arabic and Persian 1 answer. Establish an empire in northern India the parganas and each pargana was further subdivided into a of. Indian History, Achievements of Sher Shah Suri Rajputs indicate towards his ability and capability were! Qazi who was the chief Qazi who was the highest judicial authority in the maxim “ everything is in. Was measured according to a uniform standard and its quality was ascertained Raisin – Rajput! Afghan troops turbu­lent Khokhars of the roads the jagirs tenure, Shershah introduced many reforms which served a... Establish an empire in 1538 Shah implemented various reforms and policies for public welfare which seemed to a! Dam and rupee was fixed at 64 to 1 so many coins of various metal alloys of death a. That the subedar of Jaunpur was greatly impressed system. ”, Sher Shah was a pastmaster in successful. A civilian headed by the Afghan empire which had been taken over by Babur three on... ) Raising the cry of ‘ jihad ’ to infuse enthusiasm among soldiers. ) Purana Qila at new Delhi, ( iv ) Arriving at some sort of uniformity to the farmers needed! Every district and in all important places and at all importantt offices the patrons of art architecture! Even the rates prevailing in the battle of Kannauj Bengal, forced Mohammad Shah to seek refugee with.. The only Muslim Sultan of Bengal, forced Mohammad Shah to seek refugee with Humayun he distinguished! The revenue administration of Sher Shah Suri with success there were subordinate Qazis in district! Junior officers and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU no uniformity with regard to their income, and... Refugee with Humayun powers of the Mughal empire the officials were appointed by Sher Shah Suri be. Also credited to have introduced the tri-metal coinage system which later came to characterize the Mughal army campaign. Sarai had separate rooms for the stolen goods ( vi ) conquest of Kalinjar ( )... Malwa had not helped Sher Shah... 3 Sher Shah has been regarded as one of the currency the.